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Hi, I'm Tami!
I'm an Author, Speaker, Coach, & Cultural Enthusiast. 

Having been raised disconnected from my Dominican and Jamaican roots and now guiding my daughter in maintaining her connection with her Ethiopian heritage, I've intimately understood the challenges of feeling like a cultural outsider and imposter.

Not knowing anything about my roots left me feeling a lot of shame, confusion, and a longing to belong. This set me on a path of self-discovery, leading me to understand and reconnect with my cultural heritage.

My journey has fueled my passion for empowering others to explore and embrace their unique cultural backgrounds and for challenging the status quo surrounding cultural identity. Today, I guide individuals and organizations on cultural understanding and inclusion journeys. I help people unlock their heritage and build inclusive spaces where everyone feels valued and seen. I'm here to provoke thought, offer support, and celebrate the diverse cultural identities that make each of us uniquely unique. 

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My mission is simple: to inspire you to fall in love with and unapologetically claim your cultural heritage.  


To support this, I provide tools and strategies dedicated to helping you reconnect with your roots. I aim to empower you to live authentically, confidently, and proud of your cultural identity.

The OTHER side of Tami 

  • Dance Like No One's Watching: I love salsa, bachata, and merengue, even if my feet occasionally miss the beat and I turn the wrong way!

  • The Incognito Traveler: Blending in wherever I go until I try speaking the local language - always a moment for puzzled looks and laughter.

  • Bohemian at Heart: I'm happiest wearing bright clothing that reminds me of the '60s.

  • Thrift Store Queen: I love thrifting for vintage clothing and mid-century furniture. I think I can make anything and plan to do so with those 2500 saved Pinterest projects!

  • Culinary Confessions: Sure, I can cook; I just don't want to! Plant-based for me, while my family prefers anything but that!

  • Fitness Fun: I don't get excited by the gym, but I do what I must... CrossFit, weight lifting, yoga, and spinning are my go-to.

  • House Dynamics: While I "run" the house, my Ethiopian daughter declares herself our home's 'real African queen.'

  • Globe-Trotting Duo: In 2021, I left a 30+ year life in DC for a suitcase (or 12) full of dreams and hair products, ready to explore the world's cultures with my daughter.

Ready to dive into your heritage and really find yourself? I'm here to guide you every step of the way. 

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Coming Soon

Coming Soon


Packed with personal stories, historical insights, reflective questions, anecdotes, and creative exercises. It's designed to guide you through uncovering and embracing your cultural roots, enriching your understanding of yourself and your place in the world.


As a speaker, I bring passion, knowledge, and personal experience to the stage, focusing on cultural heritage, identity, and the power of reconnecting with our roots. My talks are designed to inspire, educate, and empower audiences of all backgrounds to embrace their unique cultural narratives and the richness of our global community.



Join our vibrant community that focuses on cultural heritage exploration and identity formation. Here, you'll find a supportive environment for learning, sharing, and growing environment. Our community provides a space for collective learning, cultural exchange, and personal development centered around celebrating our diverse heritages.

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A podcast dedicated to exploring and celebrating diverse stories and traditions featuring conversations with well-known personalities and everyday individuals, sharing their unique stories of reconnecting with their roots. The conversations will motivate you to explore your own heritage and appreciate the varied cultures around you.

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