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Pre-order Now. Available on May 1, 2024

Don't just wonder about your roots. 
Dive into your Heritage.
Celebrate Them.



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Do you feel like a cultural imposter? 

Are you disconnected from your heritage and doubting your authenticity?

It's Time to Break Free.

REDISCOVERING YOUR ROOTS is here to help you

embrace your journey, celebrate your roots, and reclaim your identity.

Your heritage awaits.

Feeling envious of others' connection to their heritage?

Yearning to belong? It's never too late.


embrace your story, heritage, and identity.

Reclaim what's yours.

Struggling with where to start on your heritage journey?

Overwhelmed by the possibilities?

REDISCOVERING YOUR ROOTS provides guidance and support

you need for a life-changing exploration. 

Feel Complete. 

Welcome to ReDiscovering Your Roots

Are you looking to fill a gap in your cultural story, understand your heritage better, assist someone else with their journey, or celebrate the fantastic mix of stories we all come from? In that case, you're in the right place. This guide is dedicated to helping you see your heritage more clearly and find your unique place in the world.

My journey of reconnecting with my Dominican and Jamaican roots and guiding my daughter in embracing her Ethiopian heritage has been transformative for us. It's made me passionate about helping others get that same sense of understanding and connection. This guide and the community we're building are all about that. 


I invite you to begin your journey of discovery alongside me. As you learn more about your roots, I hope you'll find immense pride in your origins. 


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Who Is ReDiscovering Your Roots For?

  • Cultural Explorers: Ideal for those beginning their exploration into cultural heritage. Perfect for the curious, disconnected, or anyone wanting to deepen their cultural understanding.


  • Heritage Reclaimers: Designed for diaspora members and individuals with multi-cultural backgrounds seeking to reconnect with their roots.


  • Legacy Creators: Great for parents and guardians focused on passing down a rich cultural legacy, including mixed-ethnicity and adoptive families.


  • Cultural Heritage Connectors: Join a supportive community dedicated to exploring and celebrating our diverse cultural roots and heritage. 


what you'll find inside...

  • Engaging Stories: Dive into narratives that inspire and guide your journey. 

  • Interactive Activities: Actively explore your roots with practical exercises. 

  • Deep Reflections: Questions designed to deepen your understanding and connection with your cultural identity.


  • Empowering Growth: Tools and advice to help you celebrate your unique identity and personal growth.


  • Community Connection: Engage with cultural experts and fellow explorers in a supportive community. Share experiences, gain insights, and find guidance.


  • Legacy Preservation: Inspiration and guidance to maintain and share your cultural knowledge and stories.


  • Holistic Understanding: Explore how heritage shapes your identity and place in the world.


  • Resource Rich: A wealth of knowledge to aid your rediscovery.

The Benefits of Embracing Your Roots

Self-Awareness and Clarity

Gain a clearer understanding of who you are and where you come from. This journey is about diving deep into your story

and cultural background. You'll come out with a much richer understanding of yourself and your place in the world.

Cultural Empathy and Broader Perspectives

By exploring your roots, you develop a more profound empathy for others' cultures and histories.  It's all about celebrating how diverse and incredible human stories can be.

Strengthened Family and Community Ties

Uncover stories and traditions that reinforce bonds within your family and community. Returning to your roots is a chance to dig up those stories and bring them to life. It's not just a solo trip – it can bring you, your loved ones, or your entire community closer together.

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Pre-order Bonuses Available May 1, 2024*

*Pre-order bonuses are subject to availability. Community access is provided for the first two months post-launch. VIP webinar dates are to be determined. The downloadable workbook will be available as a digital download within two weeks of launch day. The discount coupon is valid for a single use on future purchases and expires on December 31, 2024. Additional terms and conditions may apply.

 This is wonderful! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought I was a CULTURAL IMPOSTER. I’ve always wanted to connect specifically to each part of my identity in a very deep way. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to get started. You had me at “cultural imposter”! As soon as my eyes read those two words, I said, that’s it, you nailed it! I wasn’t even aware of it until now."

Beth, DC



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