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As a Speaker and Storyteller,
I'm a Catalyst for change,
an Educator at heart, and a dedicated Advocate for
cultural understanding, heritage, and identity. I challenge outdated norms and inspire meaningful conversations about the richness of our diverse cultures.

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Tami Garcia stands out as a speaker with her wit, transparency, and powerful storytelling. She expertly blends her experiences of cultural reconnection and global living with insights on authenticity into engaging and inspiring talks, covering topics like cultural heritage, identity, and personal transformation; her sessions are not only infused with humor but also resonate deeply with her audience. Drawing from her journey of rediscovering her Dominican and Jamaican roots and raising an Ethiopian daughter, Tami motivates audiences to embrace their true selves. Her talks inspire attendees to see their heritage and authenticity as transformative forces, embarking them on unique paths of self-discovery and global citizenship.

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